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Recognising the value of Pod Childrens Charity

Last week, my daughter had to spend overnight in St Mary's hospital in Portsmouth with suspected meningitis. Thankfully she was fine, and is now fit, well and home.

While we were there though, her childrens ward had a POD entertainer and I'd thought I'd share my

As you mention on your website, hospital stays for children take their toll on the children hemselves and the parents, so ANY form of entertainment to break the monotony is always welcome. It's not easy keeping a 20 month old entertained and she quickly tires of anything quickly. I think it's fair to say that by 2pm (when the entertainer arrived) we had pretty much reached the end of what we could do for her.

I dont think that there are any words that can describe the relief and truly excellent performance laid on by our entertainer. Not only did he perform in front of eveyone, but beforehand took the time to see each child in the ward and make them laugh with his puppets. By the end of the performance I think its safe to say that everyone had had a great time!!! Certainly it enables the children to forget their ailments but also allows the parents a little time to unwind.

In short, it was fantastic! There is something so wonderful yet so tragic about an entertainer who performs for sick children. I guess in an ideal world we would have no need for such a job; we all want our children to be fit and healthy but that'll never be the case. I know that it's not a job I could do and so I salute those that can.

Although our stay was brief, it gave us a real insight into just what goes on when so many others continue their "normal" lives unaffected. It gives us a little faith in people too.

Thank you so very much. Keep up the good work!
Tony Barker.


Please help make children in hospital feel better. Happy children get better quicker.

£50 will fund one Pod Childrens Charity show -- £600 will fund 12 monthly shows.

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