Judy Walker

B.H (Hons) HPSET (Reg)

Dear Margaret The POD visits have the potential to help our young patients on many levels and the meaning and benefits depends on the context of the child’s visit to the hospital. Some of the most deprived children are not the sickest, but those who have long term chronic diseases or disabilities, who have long periods off school, very disrupted social lives and repeated admissions to hospital. They miss out on their friend’s parties, the end of term treats at school as well as regular schooling and family life. For them the POD entertainers and magicians give them a chance to experience something that other children may take for granted, the joy and wonder of a magic show. I think this is an essential experience of childhood!

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Dr Andrew Curtis

Pod’s entertainment activities include clowns, magicians, musicians, puppeteers and storytellers visiting children in hospital. This work is part of an increasing international trend towards arts and entertainment being used in hospitals, especially for children...
It is important to note that Pod’s work is not just a standard service repeated in
various settings, rather it is tailored to particular environments and individual cases.

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