People raise money for Pod in many different ways. They organise raffles, they make collections at concerts, shows and meetings, they organise charity auctions,
sponsored walks, races, swims, climbs... A recently married couple asked their guests, instead of giving wedding presents, to give donations to Pod. Pod received over £1000 - enough for 20 shows, which will cheer up about 250 sick children.

Does Pod organise shows yet in your local hospital? If not, could you raise £50 for the first show? Perhaps we could find funding to carry on from there.

There are lots of other ways of raising money. If you need leaflets to tell people about Pod, let us know - a kind printer has provided plenty.
Just send Pod your address.

Whatever you do, one thing is certain. Every pound you raise will be spent on
entertaining children in hospital. Each £5 is enough to make one sick child happy. A fiver a smile!

If you are a UK taxpayer, Pod can also recover the tax you have paid on your
donation. If you would like this to happen, please complete the Inland Revenue's form.
If you are not a UK taxpayer or do not wish us to claim Gift Aid, please go straight to our secure payment page. Thank you very much. Remember, Pod's administration costs are paid for by an entirely separate charity. Every pound that you can give Pod will be spent on entertainment for children in hospital.

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